Carrot hop nail art

Jiak Hing Easter Sbs Final

Seasonal & Occasions, Step by Step

Jiak Hing, Scratch Stars Gel Polish Stylist of the Year 2022 & 2023, shows how to create this cute 3D Easter bunny design.

Jiak Hing Headshot

“The full set took thirty minutes to create, and I would charge £20 on top of a standard gel polish manicure for it,” she says.

Products used:

  • Indigo Nails Labs Gel Polish in Cha Cha Matcha, Miss Hooligan, Heniek, Expresso, MarmoLady & Martini Olive.
  • Indigo Labs Sugar Effect White Gel.
  • Indigo Nails Labs Black Art Gel.
  • Indigo Labs Art Gum Gel (3D gel) in White.
  • Indigo Labs Tip Top.
  • Indigo Labs Matte Top.
Step 1
After prepping the nail, choose any pastel gel polish colour as a base for the design and cure. I chose a matcha shade.
Step 2
Using an orange gel polish shade, create a repetitive pattern for the carrots and cure.
Step 3
Using a green gel polish shade, add the leaves to the carrots and cure.
Step 4
Enhance the realism by using a dark brown gel polish shade to add details to the carrots. Cure.
Step 5
Add highlights to the carrots using a white gel polish shade and cure.
Step 6
Taking a white 3D gel, mould it into a circle to create the bunny's head and flatten it down with a silicone tool. Cure.
Step 7
Sculpt the 3D gel into bunny ear shapes. Cure.
Step 8
Take a black gel paint to paint the eyes, nose and mouth, and use a pink gel polish to add blush. Cure.
Step 9
Finish by applying a super shiny top coat and curing to complete the look.