Casper the Ghost nails

gemma dawson casper step by step step 8

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Freehand nail artist, Gemma Dawson, has created this Casper the Ghost nail design, just in time for Halloween.

Step 1
Start by painting the nail white adding a matte top coat. Cure between layers.
Step 2
Outline the basic head shape using black gel paint.
Step 3
Add the outline of his arms, body and facial features, using his chin dip as a guide.
Step 4
Add the iris outline to his eyes. Cure.
Step 5
Mix dark blue gel paint with clear topcoat to make a sheer dark blue. Use this to add shading to the outline.
Step 6
You can add an additional layer of shading if you think you need to, this will also give you a sense of depth which helps with his translucent ghost effect.
Step 7
Colour his eyes in a dark blue and paint your background colour. Use black mixed with topcoat to shade inside his mouth. Add his pupils, eyelids and eyebrows then cure.
Step 8
Add some stars to the sky, and matte top coat. Cure.