Chinese New Year lucky bag nail art

New Year Lucky Bag Gel Art Sbs Final Square

Seasonal & Occasions, Step by Step

Jello Jello educator, Choi Jiwoo, celebrates the Chinese New Year with this 3D lucky bag nail design. Check out the step-by-step below…

Choi Jiwoo

Choi Jiwoo

Products used:

  • Nail file.
  • Jello Jello Peel-Off Base Gel.
  • Jello Jello Killing Top Gel.
  • Jello Jello Edge Clear Gel.
  • Jello Jello Color Gel in JC-01, JC-72, JC-73, JC-74 & JC-75.
  • Jello Jello Zigzag Gel in JT-24 & JT-28.
  • Jello Jello Edge Beam Powder in JP-01.
  • Jello Jello Flexible Gel Brush in Art, Line, Point.
  • Jello Jello Rose Water Gel Nail Cleanser.
  • Jello Jello Dust-Zero Easy Gel Wiper.
  • Jello Jello I’M PRO Premium LED Lamp.

New Year Lucky Bag Products

Step 1
Prep the nail for application.
Step 2
Apply base coat then cure.
Step 3
Apply a white base shade and cure.
Step 4
Apply clear gel unevenly for chrome application and cure. Apply the chrome.
Step 5
Using a red gel shade, create the shape of the lucky bag and cure.
Step 6
Using the same red shade, create the bag closure and cure.
Step 7
Repeat step six across the bag to complete the bag closure and cure.
Step 8
Take four shades to colour the lucky bag.
Step 9
Use a yellow shade to draw a horizontal line and design a 3D button, then cure.
Step 10
Apply top coat and cure.