Chrome Valentine’s nail design


Seasonal & Occasions, Step by Step

Mark Valentine’s Day with this chrome-tastic gel polish overlay by Julie-Anne Larivière.

She uses Salon System Gellux products, available from wholesalers nationwide.

Step 1
Prepare the nail. Cleanse with Gellux Profile Prep + Wipe and apply Gellux Fast Bond to nails. Allow to dry, then apply Gellux Easy Off Base Coat. Cure, then apply two layers of Gellux gel polish in Soft Focus, curing between each layer.
Step 2
Wipe away the tacky residue with a lint-free pad and a small amount of Prep + Wipe. Allow to dry, then apply Gellux Clear Top/Base to the outer right side of the nails only and cure.
Step 3
Wipe the tacky residue with a dry lint free wipe then dab some Gellux Rose Gold Chrome Flakes onto it. Remove all excess powder with a soft duster brush.
Step 4
Apply Gellux Shiny Top Coat to all nails and cure. Wipe all nails with Prep + Wipe. Dip a detailer brush into Gellux Purely White, then create small hearts and dots on the ring finger. Cure.
Step 5
Apply Shiny Top Coat to the ring finger and cure. Wipe with Prep + Wipe and apply NailLUX oil.