Colourful chrome heart nail design

Bf Vday

Seasonal & Occasions, Step by Step

Multi award-winning nail artist, Brigitta Fajt, shares how she created a bold Valentine’s Day-ready style…

Step 1
Choose your base gel polish colour, apply and cure.
Step 2
Add your chosen pigment powder round the edge of the nail to create depth and dimension.
Step 3
Apply matte top coat and cure.
Step 4
Paint hearts near the edge of the design with no-wipe top coat. Cure.
Step 5
Apply your chosen chrome powder over the areas where no-wipe top coat was used.
Step 6
Paint more hearts onto the nail using different coloured gel polishes or art gels. Sprinkle clear acrylic powder over the design and cure.
Step 7
Dust off any excess powder.