Cute blue dragon nail art

Blue Dragon Gel Nail Art Sbs Final Square

Seasonal & Occasions, Step by Step

Celebrate the Chinese New Year on 10 February 2024 by embracing the Year of the Dragon through nail art. Secret Nail System educator, Lee Jiseon, shows how to create this cute blue dragon gel nail design.

Lee Jiseon Headshot

Lee Jiseon

Products used:

  • Nail file.
  • GOD GEL Base Gel.
  • GOD GEL Top Gel.
  • GOD GEL Matte Top Gel.
  • GOD GEL Color Gel in G10, G38 & G39.
  • Secret Color Gel in BL3603 & YE3405.
  • Secret Gel Brush in 00 Liner, 01 Liner & Crystal Liner.
  • Secret Gel Nail Cleanser.

Blue Dragon Gel Nail Art Products

Step 1
Prep the nail for gel polish application.
Step 2
Apply your chosen base coat and cure.
Step 3
Draw a border line using white colour gel and cure.
Step 4
Using the same shade, draw the face of the dragon and cure.
Step 5
Using a blue gel colour, add colour to the face of the dragon and cure.
Step 6
Use a black gel colour to add eyes, a mouth and outline the face. Cure.
Step 7
Draw horns, eyebrows and hair using a yellow gel colour and cure.
Step 8
Use a pink gel colour for the cheeks and lips, then cure.
Step 9
Add facial details with a black gel colour and cure.
Step 10
Apply a matte top coat and cure.
Step 11
Add a glossy top coat to the cheek details and cure to finish the design.