Dreamy pastel cloud nails

Casey Leigh Boucher Sbs Ss23 Step 7

Spring/Summer, Step by Step

en Vogue educator, Casey-Leigh Boucher, has created this dreamy pastel cloud nail design, using products from en Vogue.

Products used:

  • Lac It! Gel Polish Head in the Clouds collection (Angel Wings, Daydreamer, Utopia)
  • Fine Liner Brush
  • 2-in-1 Striping Brush
  • I’m A Matte top coat
  • Simply Gel Colour in Silver Slippers
  • I’m A No-Wipe top coat
Step 1
Paint two coats of a sheer, natural-looking pink gel polish, curing between each layer. Casey-Leigh used shade, Angel Wings.
Step 2
Using a short nail art brush, add small blobs of a baby blue gel polish and blend them out with quick dabbing motions. Cure when happy. Casey-Leigh used shade, Daydreamer. Repeat this step with a lavender gel polish hue, filling in some of the gaps and layering on top of the blue. Cure when happy. Casey-Leigh used shade, Utopia.
Step 3
Apply a layer of matte top coat and cure to create a smooth surface for fine linework.
Step 4
Using silver gel paint and a fine detail brush, add a cloud-shaped line in the centre of the nail, to create the top cloud, and cure. Casey-Leigh used shade, Silver Slippers.
Step 5
On either end of the top cloud line, paint two more cloud-like lines and add swirls to curl in the ends.
Step 6
Fill in the extra space with dots and starbursts, apply glossy top coat and cure.