Easter bunny French manicure

Step 8

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Award-winning nail artist & nail influencer, Fie Pedersen, shares six steps to create a spring-ready French nail with an Easter bunny addition.

Step 1
Prep the nail and file it into shape. I built the nail using gel.
Step 2
Paint a French tip using a gel polish colour of your choice and cure.
Step 3
Mix different glitter shapes with a base coat and apply over the French tip. Cure. Apply a matte top coat and cure. 
Step 4
Use a white gel paint to paint a half circle near the cuticle, then add some long bunny ears and cure. 
Step 5
Repeat step four on the opposite side of the nail.
Step 6
Using a black gel paint, paint eyes on the bunnies and cure. Add white dots to the eyes if you wish: I only did this for one bunny, as I drew eyelashes on the other. Paint the inside of the bunny ears using your chosen gel paint colours and cure. Apply matte top coat to the bunnies and gloss top coat to the rest of the nail. Cure to finish.