Female outline nails for IWD

Tabby Casto

Seasonal & Occasions, Step by Step, Themed

Tabby Casto has created a purple pierced design with a female outline to celebrate International Women’s Day, using Artistic Nail Design – available via Sweet Squared.

Step 1
Pierce a Gel On Xtension on the top left with nail piercing tool, taking care not to piece your own finger.
Step 2
Apply pre-buffed and pre-pierced Gel on Xtensions to natural nails.
Step 3
Apply and cure two layers of Artistic Colour Gloss Gel Polish in Caviar For Breakfast.
Step 4
Remove the tacky layer with a lint free pad and nail surface cleanser, before stamping the design. Wait a few minutes for the white stamping polish to dry.
Step 5
Apply a coat of Artistic Colour Gloss ‘Glossing Gel’ and cure for another 30 seconds. Finish off with a wipe of Artistic Nail Surface Cleanser.