Festive French manicure

hari hatfield step by step festive french step 5

Seasonal & Occasions, Step by Step

This festive French design comes courtesy of Halo VIP, Hari Hatfield.

Step 1
Paint a French tip over your chosen base colour on each finger using a liner brush and Halo Gel Polish in the shade French White gel polish. Cure this layer.
Step 2
Paint on holly leaves using a small detailing brush and Halo Gel Polish in the shade Harmony. I created mine by drawing two triangles on top of each other and adding a point on the top on the triangles. For the Garland nail, I painted lots of V shapes in a line starting at either edge of the smile line until they met in the middle. Cure this layer.
Step 3
Using a dotting tool, apply the Halo Gel Polish in the shade Red in 3 dots at the base of holly leaves to create the berries. Apply dots of Red to the Garland nail. Cure this layer.
Step 4
Using a very thin detailing brush, apply a tiny streak of white to a couple of the red berries to add a glisten to them. This really makes the berries pop and appear less flat. Using a dotting tool, add some white dots to the Garland to break up the red berries. Cure this layer and apply Halo No Wipe Top Coat and cure to finish.