Floral French nail design

Helen Clayton Floral French Sbs

Step by Step

Nailchemy brand ambassador, Helen Clayton, shares how to create a floral French style – ideal for those seeking a unique spring/summer nail look, and bridal clients wanting an alternative wedding design that incorporates their bouquet.

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Step 1
Paint two coats of Nailchemy Gel Polish in Elvina and cure.
Step 2
Using Nailchemy Artisan Painting Gels in Yellow, Orange, Blue and Red and a dotting tool, paint circles randomly across the tip of the nail. Do not cure.
Step 3
Swirl in Artisan Painting Gel in White to create a rose effect.
Step 4
Using the dotting tool, randomly place dots of Yellow between the circles.
Step 5
Surround these with four to six dots of White to create daisy shapes.
Step 6
Paint leaf shapes around the daisies using Artisan Painting Gel in Green.
Step 7
To fill in any gaps, apply dots in a colour of your choice. I chose a pink hue.
Step 8
Cure, and apply Nailchemy's Non-Wipe Top Coat and Clear AB Crystals at the cuticle to finish.