Foil sandwich snowflake nails

Foil Sandwich Snowflakes Step 8

Autumn/Winter, Step by Step

Recreate these snowflake nails by Kimberly Johnstone of Lillie Beau Nails, using products from Lecenté, by following the step-by-step below…

Step 1
Apply your chosen base gel polish and cure. This shade is Lecenté Create in Carnaby.
Step 2
Dab on Lecenté Rainbow Shimmer Foil randomly over the inhibition layer, showing the different shades.
Step 3
Apply a layer of jelly polish over the foil to give various depths of red and cure. This shade is Lecenté Create Jelly Gel Polish in Beach Ball.
Step 4
Use a dotting tool, apply dots on the nail in a cross pattern. This shade is Lecenté Create White Magic.
Step 5
Drag a striping brush through the centre of each dot to create each snowflake. Add another set of dots with a dotting tool between the lines.
Step 6
Drag with your striping brush to complete the snowflake and cure.
Step 7
Add some loose dots as snow randomly in the back ground and cure. Add your top coat and cure to finish the design.