Glitter fade star nails


Step by Step

Salon System nail expert & owner of Sketched by JA Nails, Julie-Anne Larivière, has created a step-by-step for this sparkling glitter fade star design using Gellux products…

Step 1
Prepare nails, clean with Gellux Prep + Wipe, apply Gellux Fast Bond and let dry for 30 seconds.
Step 2
Apply Gellux Easy Off Base Coat Gel Polish , and cure. Apply Gellux in Dazzle Glitter to the tip of each nail, do not cure.
Step 3
Using a medium liner brush, gently brush up the glitter to create the fade effect and cure.
Step 4
With a fine nail art brush dipped into Gellux in Stormy, create some small stars on the index and middle fingers, and cure.
Step 5
Repeat step 4, however this time using Gellux in Purely White, and cure.
Step 6
Apply Gellux Shiny Top Coat and cure. Wipe nails with Gellux Prep & Wipe and apply Gellux Cuticle & Nail Oil.