Halloween Disney nail

Minnie Halloween

Step by Step

Sammy MacDougall, part of the team at Body Beautiful Lincoln, shares a step-by-step guide to a Halloween nail art design featuring Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Step 1
Prep nails and extend if desired. Paint using a white gel polish (two coats if desired), cure and apply a matte top coat. Cure and create the outline of the character.
Step 2
Start adding your chosen colour to each area of the character. Cure in between each colour application.
Step 3
Use a fine detailer brush and gel paints (I used Nailchemy Artisan Gel Paints) to add facial features such as lips and nose.
Step 4
Add detail to the eyes and paint eyelashes using the fine detailer brush and gel paint. Add details to the bow and outlines where needed. Cure.
Step 5
Paint some stitch marks around the character's face. Cure. Apply top coat and cure.
Step 6
Use the same technique to paint Mickey Mouse on another feature nail. Add stitch designs to the remaining nails and complete the set by using a dotting tool to create Mickey Mouse silhouettes and by adding stamped designs if desired.