How-to: Add strength with Halo Easi Build

Bottle Halo Easibuild 15ml Cu Pink

Step by Step

Create natural-looking, strong enhancements with the handy addition to the Halo product range; EasiBuild. The 15ml bottles of brush-on builder gel boast easy application without the need for primer.

EasiBuild is UV and LED compatible, curing in just 60 seconds in a 36W LED lamp.

Ideal for those seeking a natural nail look with added length and strength, consider EasiBuild as a base before applying shades from Halo’s colourful gel polish range.

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Step 1
Prep the nails and file using a 180-grit file ready for product application.
Step 2
Spray the nails with Pure Nails Prep.
Step 3
Apply a layer of Halo Gel Polish Base Coat and cure.
Step 4
Apply a coat of EasiBuild over the nail and build up the apex. Cure.
Step 5
Cleanse and file to refine shape using a 100/180-grit file. Buff the surface of the enhancements using a white block.
Step 6
Dust filings from the nails with a dusting brush and apply a layer of Halo Gel Polish Non Wipe Top coat. Cure.
Step 7
Finish the enhancements with an application of Pure Nails Cuticle Oil.