How to create an on-trend & en pointe balletcore nail look


Step by Step

Stay on-trend for 2024 with this step-by-step from Beth Buckley of Sassy Nails, Kidderminster. She shares how to create a balletcore-inspired French nail style in eight steps.

‘Balletcore nails’ saw a 109% rise in searches in April to September 2023, compared to between October 2022 and March 2023, according to the Beauty Pie 2024 Trends Report, which unveiled the look as one of its top 10 nail trends for 2024. The trend also aligns with the recent popularity of bow styling, which has captivated the nail world.

Step 1
Apply a pink-toned base. I used Mystic Nails Flexi Builder in Light Rose. I also chose to apply a matte top coat, but this is optional. Cure after each application.
Step 2
Paint a French tip in a pale pink gel polish colour and cure. Apply a non-stick top coat but only over the French tip. Cure.
Step 3
Using a dotting tool, add three glitter gel dots along the left side and three along the right side of the nail, ensuring they are parallel. Cure.
Step 4
Using a white gel paint, create two cross shapes by joining the dots as shown here. Cure. I use Mystic Nails' non-sticky UV Nail Art Gels for detailing, and these helped to keep the matte effect on the base.
Step 5
Use the gel paint to create two white loops on the edge of the French, to form the start of a bow.
Step 6
Beneath the loops, paint two squiggly lines to create the ends of the bow and cure.
Step 7
Paint a white gel paint line along the French smile line. Use your dotting tool with the gel paint to add small dots to the line, to create a scalloped effect. Cure.
Step 8
Add an embellishment to the centre of the bow. I used a pearl attached with clear gel.