How to create the Euro 2024 logo on nails

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Henriette Skydt Svensson lives in Skanderborg, Denmark, where she creates nail content for the Magnetic Nail Design brand. She was awarded first place in the Mixed Media category at the Nordic Nail Open 2024 in Sweden.

The pro has taken inspiration from the Euro 2024 logo for this design, which she details how to recreate below…

Step 1
Following prep, enhance the nail using your chosen system and draw on the lines seen in the background of the logo using a pencil. Start to fill in the triangle shapes using gel polish shades that match the Euro 2024 logo.
Step 2
Fill in all the triangles so that the entire nail is covered, curing between colour applications.
Step 3
Apply a thin layer of top coat and make sure any unevenness is smoothed out before curing. Buff the nail with a very fine buffer.
Step 4
Paint the outline of the trophy onto the nail using white gel paint. Fill this in using white gel polish and cure.
Step 5
Buff the trophy shape with the fine buffer and draw on the trophy details using a pencil.
Step 6
Paint the trophy using your chosen gel polish shades, adding shadows for a realistic effect. I mixed Magnetic Nail Design’s Gel Polish Base & Top with colours used for shadowing to thin them for effective painting. Cure in between colour applications.
Step 7
Using a liner brush to ensure lines are thin and precise with white gel polish, paint the highlights on the trophy shape and cure. Paint blue gel polish lines to match the trophy details and cure.
Step 8
Apply matte top coat over the entire nail and cure.