How to master the viral mob wife aesthetic on nails

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With #mobwifeaesthetic amassing over 40K combined posts on Instagram and TikTok (at the time of writing), there’s a style shift taking place. Maximalist, luxurious and statement-making, mob wife styling is dominating social media and inspiring outfit choices, hair and make-up looks, plus nail designs.

Nick Drewe

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Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of mob TV drama, The Sopranos, Nick Drewe, trend expert & founder of the Wethrift e-commerce platform, notes: “The trend is inspired by the fashion and attitude associated with female figures within organised crime families. Think powerful female characters from The Sopranos, The Godfather and Scarface.

“The mob wife aesthetic embraces being bold, having attitude, and is all about exuding confidence. It is the perfect intersection between urban glamour, sophistication and the raw grittiness that made so many viewers fall in love with these characters.

“The core essence of the mob wife aesthetic is to be bold and ostentatious, while staying ultra glamorous.”

Nick continues: “Leopard and animal print in general are firm favourites for the mob wife look. When it comes to nails, opt for a red hue or fully commit with animal print.”

Fashion experts at Boohoo have explored Google search, Pinterest and TikTok trends, and add that red nails and square L&P acrylic French manicures are staple mob wife looks, alongside animal print styling.

We’ve sourced design inspiration to help you nail the mob wife manicure, below…

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