Mickey and Minnie Mouse nails

minnie and mickey gemma dawson step 9

Step by Step

World’s Star Nail Artist finalist 2023, Gemma Dawson, has combined her love for freehand nail art and character designs to create this super-cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse nail design. Here, she shares the step-by-step…

Step 1
Start with three white tips and apply a matte top coat, then cure. On the first tip, using a dotting tool, create two ovals for noses in the centre of the nail. Paint curved lines from the ovals as shown, to create the outline of the two faces.
Step 2
Paint two eyes on each face, adding long eyelashes for Minnie Mouse.
Step 3
On the second tip, using more curved lines, paint the outline of Mickey Mouse’s ears and body. Cure.
Step 4
On the third tip, repeat step three for Minnie, but also include her bow. Cure. Both characters are a collection of curved lines in various directions.
Step 5
Fill in the characters with black for the ears and nude for the faces, curing between each shade.
Step 6
Paint the red areas of the characters' outfits and cure.
Step 7
Outline the characters with white to make them pop and add blush to their cheeks. Cure.
Step 8
Paint black heart outlines in the white space of the middle tip and cure. Apply top coat and cure.