Winter mittens nail

Lead Image Pro Gel Mittens

Seasonal & Occasions, Step by Step

Stay warm this winter with this seasonal mittens design by The Pro Gel.

Step 1
Paint and cure your base colour. Either apply a matte top coat and cure, or wipe away the tacky layer.
Step 2
Paint your mittens using your chosen gel polish colour and cure.
Step 3
Add fur details to the top of the mittens and cure.
Step 4
Using a contrasting gel polish colour, paint some detail on the mitten shapes.
Step 5
Using the same colour as step four, outline the mittens and cure.
Step 6
Paint the string that holds the mittens together, adding a bow within the linework. Cure.
Step 7
Paint some white snowy detail in the background and cure.
Step 8
Apply top coat and cure.