Pride flag nail art

Failtefae Pride Nails Step By Step Step 8

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Celebrate Pride Month with this Pride flag-inspired nail design by Glitterbels ambassador, Emma Laverton of Fáilte Fae by Emma.

Glitterbels products used:

  • Brush On Builder Gel in Cover Beige
  • Hema Free Gel Polish in Pearl’s Unicorn
  • Unbelievabel Gel in Surfing Waves
  • Unbelievabel Gel in Summer Fun
  • Unbelievabel Gel in I Love You
  • Unbelievabel Gel in So Hot
  • Unbelievabel Gel in Hot Shot
  • Unbelievabel Gel in Salty
  • Unbelievabel Gel in White
  • Unbelievabel Gel in Green Glory
  • Unbelievabel Gel in Purple Party
  • Loose Glitter in Fairy Dust

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Step 1
Apply Glitterbels Builder Gel in Cover Beige to a prepped nail. For best results, apply a thin layer first and build the nail shape and structure with the second layer. Cure each coat for 60 seconds.
Step 2
Paint a layer of Glitterbels Hema Free Gel Polish in Pearl's Unicorn, curing for 60 seconds. Using a glitter Glitterbels Gel Polish of your choice and an ombre brush, create a glitter fade up the nail. You can also use Glitterbels Loose Glitter in Rainbow to achieve a similar look.
Step 3
Choose two Pride flags and select the matching shades from the Glitterbels Unbelievabel Gel range. This step creates the pansexual Pride flag using shades I Love You, Summer Fun and Surfing Waves. Paint the bottom stripe in an arch shape and cure. Add the second colour directly above and cure, then the third colour above and cure.
Step 4
Using Glitterbels Unbelievabel Gel in White, paint three C shapes at the end of the flag arch. Paint one larger C in the middle and two smaller ones on either side. Do not cure at this stage.
Step 5
Using a small amount of blooming gel or top coat on a fine liner brush, blend out the C shapes until you have created a fluffy cloud at the end of the rainbow. Cure for 60 seconds when happy with the result.
Step 6
Choose the colours for the second flag. This step creates the six-stripe Pride flag using Glitterbels Unbelievabel Gel shades Hot Shot, So Hot, Summer Fun, Green Glory, Salty and Purple Party. Follow the same steps as step three until you have completed the flag.
Step 7
Repeat step five to create a cloud at the end of the rainbow and add clouds elsewhere on the nail if you wish.
Step 8
Apply top coat to the nail. As an optional step, sugar some Glitterbels Fine Loose Glitter in Fairy Dust over the uncured top coat, detailing around the clouds to add extra sparkle. Cure for 60 seconds and dust to finish.