Spring stiletto nail art


Seasonal & Occasions, Step by Step

Mino Vo, Scratch Stars L&P Tech of the Year & Shooting Star Award winner 2023, shows how to create a sophisticated spring stiletto nail.

Mino Vo Headshot

Step 1
Fit a form for a stiletto shape and enhance the nail bed using L&P acrylic, creating a sharp smile line.
Step 2
Use pink L&P acrylic to paint a swirling design onto the form, adding chrome powder and flakes to create a shimmering effect.
Step 3
Cover in the design in clear L&P acrylic.
Step 4
Paint the walls of the shape using a baby pink shade.
Step 5
Fill the gaps with L&P acrylic and place cling film on top to create a textured effect.
Step 6
When set, remove the cling film and paint with marble ink.
Step 7
Cover the nail in white acrylgel.
Step 8
File and refine the nail.
Step 9
Buff the nail and apply a gel polish top coat.
Step 10
Add 3D flowers if desired, using L&P acrylic.