Springtime Easter bunny design

Alice Nali Easter Bunny Sbs

Step by Step

Alice Nali, Scratch Stars Nail Stylist of the Year 2023, shows how to create this floral springtime Easter bunny design. 

Alice Nali Headshot

“Due to the time spent and unique hand-painted value, I would charge clients £10 extra for this bunny nail art on one nail on each hand, or up to £15 if they also wanted also a second design to compliment, such as Easter eggs with matching wet-on-wet flowers,” she shares.

Products used:

  • AlyNails Milky White Builder Base.
  • AlyNails Gel Paintings in Black and White.
  • AlyNails Gel Colour in 215 Pink, 129 Light blue, 77 Orange, 281 Yellow & 038 Grey.
  • AlyNails Get Matt! Matte Top Coat.
  • AlyNails Ready to Go! No Wipe Top Coat.
  • AlyNails Small Liner Brush.
  • AlyNails Dotter & Silicone Tool.
Step 1
After prepping the nail, apply a milky white base and cure.
Step 2
Paint a rough outline of the rabbit using a light grey gel polish shade. Cure.
Step 3
Roughly paint the inner part of the outline using a light grey gel polish, creating texture to look like fur, and cure.
Step 4
Using a darker grey gel polish and the same shaky technique, create shadows for depth. Cure.
Step 5
Add pink gel polish to the nose and inner ear, and cure.
Step 6
Using white gel polish, paint two big circles for the eyes, then cure. Take a black gel polish and create two black circles inside the white. Cure.
Step 7
Using a black gel paint and liner brush, add details to the face and body and throughout the fur. Cure.
Step 8
Add in white gel paint highlights to the nose and eyes. Cure.
Step 9
Apply a matte top coat and cure.
Step 10
Paint a circle with pink gel paint to create the flower. Do not cure.
Step 11
Take white gel paint and create petals on the wet pink gel paint, starting from the outline and dragging to the middle. Cure.
Step 12
Repeat steps 10 and 11 with white and different base shades.
Step 13
Use a dark green gel polish to add the middle to the flowers and cure.
Step 14
Add white gel paint details to the centre of the flower and cure.
Step 15
Taking the same light grey gel polish used for the base, paint two paws holding the flowers, using the same rough application.
Step 16
Using a darker grey gel polish shade, create shadows on the paws and cure.
Step 17
Apply a non-wipe top coat and cure.