Valentine’s foil nail look

Emily Cording Valentines Day Step 6

Seasonal & Occasions, Step by Step

Gelish brand ambassador, Emily Cording, created this Valentine’s-inspired nail art, using foil to add a deeper dimension to a classic red polish.

Step 1
Start by filing the nails. Push back and trim the cuticles, then buff the nail plate. Cleanse the nails with Nail Surface Cleanse by Gelish, apply Gelish PH Bond and then apply the Gelish foundation coat. Cure.
Step 2
Dry brush the foundation coat using Harmony Gel Brush 7. Apply a thin coat of your chosen gel polish shades and cure. I have chosen my favourite pink and red from Gelish - the shades, Pink Smoothie and Red Roses. Apply a second coat and cure again.
Step 3
Add holo foil to the red nails. You should have enough of a sticky residue from the cured gel polish for the foil to stick.
Step 4
Use a dotting tool and Gelish Red Roses to create the heart design. Cure and repeat the pattern on desired nails. I have chosen to do two.
Step 5
Add your top coat to all nails using Gelish Top It Off and cure. Cleanse the nails with Nail Surface Cleanse by Gelish to remove the inhibition layer and leave a high gloss shine. Finish with cuticle oil.