Valentine’s French nails

Caroline Roberts Valentines Nails Step By Step Step 6

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Salon System nail expert, Caroline Roberts, owner of Nail Fairy, has created a Valentine’s-inspired French nail step-by-step using GELLUX shades…

Step 1
Prep the nails and push back the cuticles. Shape and buff the natural nail bed with a grey and yellow buffer. Dust and wipe the nails with GELLUX Prep and Wipe and then apply a thin layer of GELLUX Fast Bond.
Step 2
Mix GELLUX Cherry Blossom with GELLUX Purely White for a soft baby pink, applying it to the end of the nail for a French tip on each finger, curing for 60 seconds.
Step 3
Using a dotting tool, apply two dots close together using GELLUX Devil Red. Then, using a thin art liner brush to drag the dots down and creating a heart on each nail at the top of the French curved line. Cure for 60 seconds.
Step 4
Using GELLUX Devil Red and a dotting tool, apply dots to the French tip for that polka dot effect. Cure for 60 seconds.
Step 5
For a glossy finish, GELLUX Shiny Top Coat was applied and cured for 60 seconds. Wipe the sticky residue with GELLUX Prep + Wipe, before applying cuticle oil to finish.