Valentine’s swirl nails

Magpie Valentines Day Love Swirls Step By Step Step 8

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Magpie Beauty brand partner, Rachel Mansfield of Pretty Perfect Nails, shows how to create a trendy swirl nail for Valentine’s Day.

Step 1
Apply two coats of a nude or natural base, curing in between layers. Wipe the tacky layer off with Magpie Prep & Dehydrate Fluid. Using Magpie's Gel Paint in Red, paint a wavy line halfway up the nail. Cure.
Step 2
Mix Magpie's Gel Paint in White and Red to a shade you’re happy with, then paint it next to the red. Cure.
Step 3
Repeat step two until you reach the tip of the nail, adding more White each time to create a gradient and curing after each line.
Step 4
Using Magpie Gel Paint in White, paint a thin line against the first red line painted to give it a border and cure. Add a matte top coat and cure.
Step 5
Mixing a silver glitter with top coat, paint a thin line next to the white, and another next to one of the shades of pink. Cure.
Step 6
Using Magpie Gel Paint in White and a dotting tool, add two small dots to where you want to place your hearts.
Step 7
Join up the dots to create hearts on the nail and cure.
Step 8
Using a dotting tool, place random sized dots in between the hearts and cure to finish the look.