Yes/no Valentine’s nails

Laura Peat Valentines Nails Step By Step Step 8

Seasonal & Occasions, Step by Step

Lecenté educator, Laura Peat, shows how to create this Valentine’s-themed nail design, complete with yes and no options to a love-ly question.

Step 1
On a nail form, paint two coats of Lecenté White Magic, curing between each layer. Apply Lecenté Hema Free Rubber Top Coat and wipe the inhibition layer.
Step 2
Use scissors to cut out your envelope and answer card.
Step 3
Trim the shapes of the envelope and answer card.
Step 4
Fix your large envelope base to your nail using Lecenté Top Coat and cure. Use the top coat to fix the top of the envelope around the two sides and bottom edge, leaving the envelope open.
Step 5
Add details to the envelope.
Step 6
Paint and decorate a 'Yes' on one side of your card, and 'No' on the other.
Step 7
Place card in the envelope for your answer.