2016 SEES HIGH DEMAND for iiaa training

By Kat Hill | 27 February 2017 | Feature, News, Training

Training Class Copy

Last year saw a record high in demand for iiaa training.

Across its three brand areas of Advanced Nutrition Programme, Environ and Jane Iredale, over five thousand training spaces were booked across the iiaa training centres in the UK and Ireland.

“2016 has been such an amazing year,” Clare Muir, director of training for the iiaa enthuses. “We are so proud of our skin professionals and delighted by their continued commitment to continuous improvement in education which is evidenced by the huge demand we have experienced this year. Interestingly, 2017 has already shown similar trends in demand, not just for new products but also for refresher skills.”

To book or for more information contact 020 8450 2020 or email admin@iiaa.eu