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5 ideas nail expert Sabrina Malik implemented to change up her nail studio offering post 12 April opening

By Alex Fox | 14 July 2021 | Movers & Shakers, News

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Scratch magazine talks to Sabrina Malik, nail professional & beauty therapist, SAB Studio – Specialist in All Things Beauty, Birkdale about how she’s navigated her work life in the salon since the lockdown was lifted on 12 April 20021. 

The challenge: “I have had to change the way we work at SAB Studio to address the fact that we’re not as busy as expected since opening last April.


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Nail expert, Sabrina Malik

“I’ve had a long hard look at what’s going on and it’s clear that some clients are nervous and apprehensive about returning to the salon. I’m seeing a 50:50 split between clients happy to return and those that aren’t. Certainly, the bread and butter clients from the older generation are apprehensive. There was a general feeling coming out of the first lockdown of confusion and wondering what it all meant. The second lockdown was welcomed as a mini break by some, however, the third lockdown has negatively affected many people’s mental health and consequently, they are unsure about returning to the salon.

“Some clients feel that since they haven’t been going out as much, their nails are not as important as they have been in the past. Their hair colour and cut are seen as more of a priority, as they see their hair every time they pass a mirror. It’s glaring at them. For us techs, during the lockdowns, we cared for our clients by guiding them on how to care for their hands and nails at home. Potentially, we taught them too much.”

The solution: “I decided to have an open attitude and start again. I now open my salon on a Monday, when many salons are closed. I also now offer a VIP service; a one-to-one exclusive service just as celebrities enjoy. My phone is turned off and the client gets my full attention for the entire appointment. This works well for mobile techs, too. By going into someone’s home you are delivering a first rate, exclusive service, so it should be marketed as such.

“Take the client’s mind off Covid, take their mind off their worries and let them sink into your experience. I judge their needs right down to the smallest detail. Do they have any disabilities, ailments or needs? What is their favourite scent? What music do they like? I have it all noted and can create the environment to exclusively suit them.

“I let clients know why they should choose my salon and services. I explain that I have 25 years of knowledge and training behind me. I reveal that I not only make them look good, but also feel good and be healthy. I make sure I relate that I’m an expert in many services and can make their feet (for example), look and feel good. Nail techs rarely shout about their skills and the investment they’ve taken to train and better themselves. I shout about my skills, the training I’ve undertaken and the professional products I use.

“Another important feature of my approach is that in order to make sure my seat is never empty, I now incentivise and utilise my regular clients by offering the opportunity for them to refer a friend. My stance is ‘all or nothing’, so I’m aggressive in my marketing ideals. I have made up a card, and I offer my client three to take away. The card offers the recipient £10 off a treatment and I then give this new customer the best treatment of their life to entice them to return. Meanwhile, the client who recommended them gets £10 off any treatment as a ‘thank you’. I believe in creating loyalty.

“There’s one more important aspect to success, and that’s having passion. There’s so much that goes into being a nail professional and it starts with being proud, professional and passionate. We have the knowledge behind us, it’s time to shout about it and build this industry up.”

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