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50% of beauty professionals identify as neurodivergent, research reveals

By Rebecca Hitchon | 11 June 2024 | News


A survey conducted by Vagaro has found that half of beauty pros identify as neurodivergent: when someone’s brain works differently from what is considered the norm.

The salon, spa and fitness booking and management software’s research for Autism Acceptance Month (April) found that 27% of respondents work with a neurodivergent team member.

43% offer services tailored to meet the needs of neurodivergent or autistic clients, and noted that they proactively ask how they can accommodate clients before appointments, for example by offering quieter treatments and an array of lighting options.

56% of pros surveyed said that technology is helpful in making accommodations for neurodivergent clients. Online booking systems, digital check-ins and forms and automated appointment reminders lessen the need to communicate verbally, eliminate social pressure and streamline communication, reducing factors that can contribute to overstimulation.

“Our survey showcases the growing dedication of salon and spa professionals to inclusivity and innovation,” comments Vagaro chief marketing officer, Charity Hudnall.

“By encouraging acceptance, celebrating diversity and leveraging technology, we can create more accessible spaces for both neurodivergent clients and industry professionals.”

Vagaro pros also shared advice on how to accommodate neurodivergent clients, recommending that beauty businesses ask about sensory needs, allow clients to choose if they want silent appointments, promote that they provide a non-judgmental environment and bear in mind that verbal instruction isn’t always best.