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Explore the natural nail with handy poster for academies

By Alex Fox | 14 October 2020 | News, Products & Treatments

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Teaming up with globally recognised and revered nail expert and scientist, Doug Schoon, Tracy Anne Shelverton has produced an up to date, precise and accurate natural nail unit poster.

Designed to dissect and name the natural nail unit in the most precise manner to date, this new A4 poster is a perfect addition to any nail academy wall, education manual or for selling onto students and nail customers.


Tracy Anne Shelverton of The Gorge Natural Nail Academy, The Netherlands

Running the Gorge Natural Nail Company in The Netherlands, Tracy is obsessed with the science behind the nail. A self-confessed nail nut, who specialises in the natural nail unit, which acts as the basis for all her projects, Tracy admits, “I create the perfect tools and files (science-based), for the natural nail and of course the amazing Famous Names Products, which I supply. It’s all connected; it’s all about maximum maintenance of the nail unit, as in turn this then creates the perfect basis for the amazing artificial nail products that we have in the professional nail world.” Tracy reveals, “People used to be afraid of knowledge, yet today more and more manufacturers of artificial nail products are starting to realise the importance of using their products on healthy nail units; a fact that means they actually sell more artificial nail product; it’s a win-win situation for the industry.

This new salon poster presents the perfect cross section of the natural nail. Important for teachers and students alike, this is a factual and correct diagram, which has been signed off with a signature by Doug, as a stamp of approval.

A4 in size, the poster is 1.50€ per poster. 100 posters can be purchased for 90€.


“Doug Schoon and I have worked together on various projects and I was drawn initially to him, as are so many, due to his reliable, vast nail and scientific knowledge,” enthuses Tracy.  “Doug certainly inspired me to keep on learning as I feed off facts – not marketing spiel.”

Tracy runs an 11-week Natural Nail Unit course in both English and Dutch (with an 8-week follow up course covering further anatomy and product chemistry also on offer) for those that are keen to take their knowledge of the natural nail to new depths.

Tracy’s courses are available at

To order your poster(s) contact Tracy  Anne Shelverton.