Chloe Randall

Add texture to nails with Naio Nails’ Jelly Gel Polish

By Chloe Randall | 19 March 2021 | News, Products & Treatments

Jelly Gel Polish

Naio Nails has launched its Jelly Gel Polish range, comprising 16 colours.

Jelly nails are a way to play with sheer colour and add a little texture. Paired with a shiny topcoat, jelly nails have a coloured glass-like finish.

The 16 colours available from Naio are all transparent and are all named after exotic wild fruit, taking inspiration from the vibrant colours that this range features.

The shades available:

  • Lychee- soft pastel peach
  • Pink Grapefruit- bright barbie pink
  • Elderberry- lilac
  • Safou- intense purple
  • Blue Raspberry- vibrant blue
  • Mirtillo- blueberry shade of blue
  • Kiwano- turquoise
  • Sour plum- vivid lime green
  • Feijoa- forest green
  • Star Fruit- bright yellow
  • Valencia Orange- bright orange
  • Pink Pineapple- neon pink
  • Pitaya- fuchsia pink
  • Wild Strawberry- bright red
  • Rome Apple- raspberry red
  • Black Sapote- transparent deep black


“Our brand new Jelly Gel Polish collection features an amazing range of transparent colours which are truly perfect for creating those eye-popping summer transparent nails. The jellies are all named after exotic fruits and take inspiration from the vibrant colours that this range features. You can find shades in Blue Raspberry, Wild Strawberry, Pitaya, Sour Plum and Elderberry,” comments Jade Taylor Marketing Manager at Naio.

To purchase the Jelly collection, click here