Army couple opens massage salon in High Wycombe

By Sophie Nutt | 10 May 2019 | Movers & Shakers, News


A couple who met in the army have swapped the military for massage after opening a massage salon in High Wycombe.

Mark and Rachel Coldham met at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst in 2005, before they both went on to join the Royal Artillery. Mark then went on to spend time in programme management, working on projects including the London Olympic Games.

Deciding to branch into the wellness industry, the couple has now opening a franchise of The Massage Company in the town of High Wycombe on Castle Street. The launch was attended by the Lord Mayor, Sarfaraz Khan Raja.

The couple have invested around half a million pounds into the new venture, which will create around 30 new jobs in the town. Massage therapists working in the 13-room treatment centre have all graduated from the company’s own training programme.

“Having been in the military where we really did need to be fit, both Rachel and I are keen runners and fairly healthy eaters, with an overall enthusiasm for healthy living,” says Mark. “We have also both suffered from sporting injuries in the past, so we understand first hand the difference that regular, good-quality massages can make – not just for sporting injuries but to ease musculoskeletal problems and reduce stress and anxiety.”

The salon offers a range of Swedish, maternity, deep tissue and sports massage, with the emphasis on receiving regular massage treatments for a happier and healthier lifestyle.