Artistic Putty PolyGel revealed by Louella Belle

By Kat Hill | 31 March 2018 | Launches, News

Aiming to bring innovative products to the nail table, Artistic Nail Design has revealed the Artistic Putty PolyGel nail enhancement system. The launch allows the technician to overlay, extend, shape, form and repair enhancements with ease and precision.

“This new technology is adding fun and flexibility to the market of extension products,” reveals Alisha Rimando, executive vice president and creative director of Artistic Nail Design. “It’s like a gel product, but easier to use, and works more like an acrylic product but without the smell.”

Available from Louella Belle, Putty is contained in a tube, then applied and placed on the nail with the Pro Tool, a spatula and brush instrument designed to work with product. To apply, a bead of the Putty formula is squeezed from the tube, sliced with the spatula and placed onto the nail. This sees a precise application, reducing wastage. The range’s Shaping Liquid is then used to tease the product into perfect placement on the nail.

Only hardening on LED-cure, enhancements can be perfected before entering the lamp and therefore reducing filing and refining. The nail is finalised with Artistic’s new No Cleanse Sealer topcoat for a super slick finish. The system see six colour options, including Translucent, Bright White, Soft White, Blush Pink, Nude Concealer and Pink Concealer.

The systems benefits include no monomer odour and less airborne dust, as well as being specially formulated to beat heat spikes during the curing stage. The system sees a pre-mixed Triple Threat Polymer Fusion; oligomers from gels, polymers from acrylics and lacquer. This combination, the brand claims, sees a natural-looking enhancement that is on average 23% lighter than acrylic and 16% lighter than hard gel, while still creating a durable nail. With the correct preparation technique, the system claims to have excellent adhesion with no lifting or separation for the client.

The Artistic Putty Polygel Nail Enhancement system is avilalable via Louella Belle at