Scratch Stars winner launches own product range

By Helena Biggs | 04 November 2018 | Feature, News, Products & Treatments, Tech Talk

Natasha Lee Divine Products

Globally renowned vlogger and winner of the Scratch Stars Best UK Nail Blogger title 2018, Natasha Lee, has launched her own range of nail products. 

Named ‘Divine by Natasha Lee‘, products include a ‘capsule’ brush set, which features five brushes that allows the user to create every art look that she has demonstrated on her YouTube channel.

The blogger, who shot to fame worldwide after her videos of fidget spinner and pimple popping nails went viral, spent months with an R&D team to also create silicone tools, dotting tools and a gem picker. “These are the items I use most for producing nail art,” Natasha reveals. “I also have a range of surgical grade tempered steel manicure tools and four nail files as well as 35 professional quality fine nail art glitters in a range of effects.

“When I first started my blog, I gave my honest opinion on which nail products I found to be the best to help other techs skip the unnecessary time and purchases that I had experienced. As time went on, I had favourite products but always found myself thinking of ways I could make them even better.  

“I decided I needed to do use my skills and experience to create a brand that is made by a tech, for techs, taking into account quality, purpose, functions and affordability.”

An eco-ethos

“I’ve seen our environment alter so much since I was a little girl, and with social media, we now have access to knowledge and videos from all around that world about how our severely our throw-away society is impacting our environment and those within it,” Natasha continues.

“I want to inspire others with Divine by Natasha Lee, but also I’m mindful that I need to make positive changes where I can with the brand.”

“All the packaging/shipping materials are recycled or recyclable, right down to the packaging tape! I wanted to provide that gift experience of beautiful boxes and tissue paper, without frivolously impacting on the environment.”

Innovation station

Divine by Natasha Lee glitter pots have a clear curved window in the lid for easy viewing of the shades. “If you are mobile, or don’t have the space to display your glitters on the wall, you can pop them in a drawer or technician’s case, and be able to see through the lid to what the colour is inside,” Natasha reveals.

She has also created a Professional Cuticle Hoof and Precision Curette tool, which she coins ‘the ultimate cuticle tool’.

“Over the years, I have worked through so many cuticle tools to find what I believe to be the best, and narrowed it down to using two separate tools; a hoof from one brand and a precision curette from another.  

“I decided to take the best of both of these tools and create one ultimate cuticle tool which comes in a custom white faux leather to keep it protected and allows the tech to carry it safely in your bag/case without it getting damaged or damaging any thing else.

“What excites me about the range is that I feel that I’ve really achieved something different.” 

“It’s taken so much time and emotional energy to create products that I have always sought, or to improve on my favourites. Also, I’ve deliberately tried to price the products really affordably, I want them to be available to everyone to help them be inspired and live the dream that I have. 

“The brand has been a total project of passion, and I want that to be reflected in the products, which are aimed at both professionals and dedicated hobbyists, and with that in mind all glitters are registered and compliant with EU regulations with SDS available.”

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Natasha Lee is currently a columnist for Scratch and features regular videos on her YouTube Channel.