Chloe Randall

BABTAC calls for nail & beauty professionals to create gender inclusive salon spaces

By Chloe Randall | 05 July 2023 | Movers & Shakers, News

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The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC) has launched its best practice salon document, to educate salon owners and beauty professionals on the importance of creating a gender inclusive, safe salon space.

With the insight of BABTAC’s gender inclusivity expert and founder of Be Trans Aware, Sam Marshall, the industry-body has created the Diversity & Inclusivity Best Practice guide for its 10,000 members, providing tangible steps to creating a welcoming and safe space.

“As beauty therapists, our very purpose, regardless of what treatment we perform, is to improve our client’s overall wellbeing, including boosting their self-esteem and self-confidence,” comments Lesley Blair MBE, CEO and chair of BABTAC and CIBTAC.

“Intolerance or ignorance should have no place in our salons, so making sure we’re always reflecting and improving our businesses to be more inclusive is key to holding us accountable.”

The wider report includes essential advice including understanding gender identity terms, phrases to avoid and the importance of pronouns.

“Education is everything! A better understanding of all people’s perspectives and experiences helps eradicate discrimination and builds tolerance and understanding” adds Sam Marshall, BABTAC’s gender inclusivity expert and founder of Be Trans Aware.

The Diversity & Inclusivity Best Practice Guide is available to BABTAC members.