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BABTAC survey shows impact of Omicron variant on beauty industry

By Rebecca Hitchon | 05 January 2022 | News

omicron survey

A survey conducted by the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (BABTAC) has demonstrated the devastating impact that the Omicron Covid-19 variant and re-introduction of stricter government guidance, including increased social distancing measures and mask-wearing, has had on businesses within the beauty industry.

The survey of 1002 BABTAC members carried out in December 2021 highlights the anxiety clients have surrounding the new variant, with huge spikes in last-minute cancellations reported. Over 97% of members had faced some cancellations, with just less than half of those facing cancellations of between 20-45%. A further quarter faced cancellations of between 50-75%.

40% of the salons surveyed lost between 20-49% of their revenue, and a further quarter lost between 50-75%. Almost 5% lost between 75-100% of revenue.

BABTAC emphasises how concerning this data is, as the average percentage of overall yearly revenue taken by beauty salons in December is typically nearly 40% of their total earnings.

Therefore, the association are urging consumers to support their local beauty salons, using the hashtag #supportyoursalon. They are encouraging clients to purchase a gift voucher to be used at a later date, if they need to cancel a pre-existing appointment.