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Beauty ranked as second most popular industry on TikTok

By Emma Hobday | 14 February 2022 | Movers & Shakers, News

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The financial experts at Money.co.uk have found that one in four people (26%) shop locally due to being inspired to do so on social media. Taking this statistic, they then wanted to discover which businesses are most successful on TikTok. 

Using the hashtag #smallbusiness, the team analysed the new number of views and videos to reveal which segments are most popular on the social media app.

It was discovered that fashion businesses take the crown, with over 212 million TikTok views, which includes businesses in textiles and embroidery, with beauty coming in second. Beauty businesses that retail nails, bath products and toiletries were found to occur most frequently.

Top-performing small business sectors:

Ranking Sector Views Videos
1 Fashion 212,300,000 22
2 Beauty 119,700,000 14
3 Arts & Crafts 94,230,300 15
4 Home 87,000,000 12
5 Food 78,300,000 7
6 Toys 47,100,000 5

The top 10 small businesses on the platform were also ranked, with @rxthism’s Nail Growth Oil video coming in first, with over 17.7 million views.

The top 10 small businesses on TikTok:

Rank TikTok account Product View count 
1 rxthism Nail Growth Oil 17,700,000
2 Frost Buddy Can Chiller 17,600,000
3 TrippyDraws  Custom Drawings 13,200,000
4 Americas Cobbler  Shoe Restoration 28,300,000
5 Alternative Cosmetics  Bath Bomb 12,100,000
6 Jillsejd  Vegan Cake Decorator 10,100,000
7 Splaytray  Bag to Tray 18,800,000
8 BlissCreationsBoutique Clothing Transfers 14,800,000
9 TaartenTatyana Cake Designer 11,900,000
10 JustinaArtsStudio Paper Making 16,000,000


Salman Haqqi, a spokesperson from money.co.uk, offered guidance for those thinking about setting up their own business in 2022:

Manage your expectations: Although you likely hear about businesses having ‘overnight success’, this unfortunately isn’t always the case; success can take time. It’s important to put together a thorough business plan and work out the associated costs with everything from marketing to paying your staff. Some businesses take longer than expected to get off the ground, so having a plan in place can help you pre-empt any roadblocks.

Passion can translate success: Many businesses are built around the people who created them, and this is often a combination of expertise, marketing and passion. When promoting a brand or product, consumers can often tell if someone doesn’t have the heart for what they’re selling. Showing you love what you do and you’re an expert at the products you create is a great way to engage your audience.

Engage with your community: Customers love authenticity and the best way to do this is to engage with your customers. Social media is a fast and effective way to communicate with your potential customers as you can reply to their comments and ask them what they want to see. You’ll be able to foster a relationship with your customers and create tailored content for your audience that will only help you with your success on TikTok too.