Bio Sculpture announces Evo naming competition winners

By Sophie Nutt | 22 May 2018 | Movers & Shakers, News

Evo Comp Winners Banner

The winners of the Evo naming competition, launched by Bio Sculpture in March earlier this year, have been revealed – but with a surprise twist!

Talented techs across the globe were invited to submit a nail design alongside a reason behind why their elected name should be stamped onto an Evo bottle containing one of six new shades of purple – Pantone colour of the year.

Emphasising the high number of international entries, Bio Sculpture has taken the decision to double up the winners: meaning, not six but 12, lucky winners will have an Evo shade carrying their name of choice.

Not only will the six new Evo indigo and violet colours be named after the winners, but also six new fabulous Evo fluorescent hues will be carrying the winners’ name nomination.

Talented UK techs Emma Eyles and Tamaryn Hausberger were two of the overall 12 winners: Emma opted for the name Asenath while Tamaryn chose Rhiannon.

“I’ve been a Bio Sculpture tech for eight years and love it!” says Emma. Choosing the name Asenath to remember her late grandmother, Emma entered the competition by creating a dark teal manicure alongside white and grey marble feature nails finished with a simple gold line. “The name Asenath is unique and passionate, just like my grandmother was and how Bio Sculpture is!” says Emma. “My grandmothers birthstone was Amethyst so it’s perfect for the new purple range.”

Tamaryn entered the competition with an easter-egg inspired design featuring speckled pastel hues in the hope of naming an Evolution shade after her daughter. “I would like a new Evo bottle to carry the name Rhiannon after my miracle daughter who I thought I’d never have,” reveals Tamaryn.

The 12 new shades will be available soon via