Boost nail skills with Edunails pay-as-you-go online training courses

By Helena Biggs | 27 April 2021 | News, Products & Treatments

Edunails 1200 Nail Art Training

Do you want to enhance your nail skills remotely – at your own pace and time of choosing? Check out Edunails, an international online training platform available in 15 languages.

Founded by expert nail instructors and educators with over 15 years’ industry experience, Edunails connects nail stylists with nail educators worldwide across one streamlined platform. Its mission is to enable nail stylists of all levels to connect with and learn from educators in order to improve their skills and boost their career.

“Quality is everything at Edunails and we aim to be pioneers in providing top level online nail training.”

The Edunails team comments: “We all live super busy lives and often struggle to dedicate time to self development and self improvement which is key to building a successful, long lasting career. Online learning is a fantastic alternative, allowing you to learn at your pace, as and when you can, with no strict deadlines or timetables of classes to attend.”

How it works

Edunails allows nail educators to sell their courses on international scale, meaning that nail techs gain access to international training from the comfort of their home.

The Edunails team continues: “We’re really committed to making the platform accessible to all, regardless where you’re from and what language you speak. Instructors can even add subtitles in various languages to make the course appeal to a wider, global audience.”

Techs can search courses by nail system, shape, nail art technique, level, language and price.

There are no subscription fees or monthly fees; just a fee for the course chosen.

“Each new registration receives a free e-book and training video on top manicure methods, available for instant download,” the team comments. “When you have chosen and paid for a course, you can stop and start as you please. Edunails features verified instructions only and certificates are available.”

Conscious creation

The Edunails team continues: “Covid-19 has certainly reassured us in our concept and idea of investing into online training and remote learning. It also showed us the importance of having multiple income streams and a backup plan, which is why we’re so excited to enable instructors worldwide to boost their career and earnings by using our platform.

Courses available currently include Combined Manicure, Fashion Edge, 3D Acrylic Flowers, Ballerina Shape, Pipe Shape, Gel Flowers and more! 

How to add a course

Educators willing to share their lessons need to register and apply to become a ‘Course Author‘ through their profile and send the Edunails team an education certificate. Once approved, they can start uploading courses.

Benefits for nail educators include:

  • Instant payments via PayPal each time the course is sold
  • All fees absorbed in commission – no hidden charges 
  • No subscription or monthly fees
  • No requirements of courses to upload – super flexible upload as many or as few as you please 
  • Full control of prices set for courses
  • Access to our database of thousands of international stylists
  • Email newsletter and social media marketing 
  • Competitive commission rates

“We require all instructors to send us a copy of their instructor certificate, our team with years of experience needs to approve the instructor application and ensure they are satisfied with all the details provided before accepting it and allowing instructors to publish courses.”

The Edunails team is focused on creating long-lasting relationships with professionals from across the globe. We also want to create an engaged audience and like-minded community by working with different brands and organising collaborations, giveaways and competitions to support and promote one another.”

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