British heatwave leads to big changes in beauty spending

By Helena Biggs | 30 August 2018 | Movers & Shakers, News

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Global information company, The NPD Group, has reported that the sale of prestige skincare products in the UK rose by 3% during the UK heatwave.

The research period looked at sales over the five weeks between 24 June and 28 July 2018, and also found that sales of prestige make-up during this time declined by 9% as consumers adopted a more natural, clean skin approach to their summer beauty looks.

The NPD Group found that consumers opted for lighter skincare textures with serum, resulting in an increase in sales value by 22% compared to the same five-week period the previous year. Cream-based face masks contributed to 51% of the sales volume in the face mask category, with paper, patch and wipe face masks, many of which are marketed for cooling, hydrating effects contributed to 39% of the gains.

“The heatwave in the UK presented some interesting challenges to beauty retailers,” comments Helen Duxbury, senior account manager at NPD UK Beauty. “The intensity and longevity of the warm weather saw women turn away from heavy make-up looks, opting for a fresher face with light touch products and some waterproof make-up. Skincare really benefitted with hydrating sprays and gel format moisturisers really booming during this period.”

While prestige make-up sales saw an overall decline, sales of long wear lip colour increased by 4%, and sales of waterproof mascara increased by 75% during the heatwave.

“The UK heatwave saw some dramatic shifts in consumer spending in the prestige beauty market,” Helen continues. While many of these are to be expected, such as a shift to more hydrating, lighter texture skincare and waterproof mascara and long wear lipstick, it was interesting to see that face masks played a big role in helping to keep skin cool and hydrated during the summer months. This demonstrates that face masks continue to be a key element of women’s beauty regime.”