Direct Line for Business reveals best value cities for beauty treatments

By Helena Biggs | 10 August 2017 | News

Small business insurer, Direct Line for Business, has analysed 12 major cities in the UK to explore which offers the best value treatments. Choosing to assess the cost of a half-leg wax, spray tan and cut and blow-dry, it discovered Glasgow to be the UK’s beauty bargain capital with popular beauty treatments costing 17% less than the national average.

The three treatments cost a combined £60.03 on average in Glasgow, compared to an average of £72.32 across the UK. London, meanwhile, came in as the most expensive city, with these treatments costing a combined £86.77.

The average cost of a full-body spray tan stands at £21.77 across the UK, with Bristol coming out as the most expensive location (£26.68) and Glasgow the cheapest, at £18.76.

“Hair and beauty businesses are a fixture of the British high street, with nearly 100,000 businesses operating across the nation,” comments Carly Menken, Head of new products at Direct Line for Business. “While looking beautiful doesn’t always come cheap, workers in the industry spend long hours honing their skills and investing in the best products, making customers feel wonderful and giving them more confidence.”

Image c/o Salon System