Capture nail tutorials & pics hands-free with KB Glow Video & Photo Demo Station

By Helena Biggs | 13 December 2020 | News, Products & Treatments

Katie Barnes Glow Tools

Award-winning nail tech, Katie Barnes, has added KB Glow™: Overhead Video & Photo Demo Station to the Katie Barnes Tool Range.

Katie Barnes

The custom designed, multifunctional station facilitates overhead filming of tutorials and live streams. It’s ideal for nail and lash tutorials where you need all hands on the demo and an overhead view.

In addition, the KB Glow™ has built in LED lights and white reflective panels, so you can use the station to take photographs of your work without shadow. A USB connector features, alongside an add-on KB power bank, making the KB Glow™ station portable and suitable for international use.

The station reduces the need for additional equipment such as lights and paper bases so helps to save space for those working in smaller areas. 

The KB Glow™ is compatible with a variety of filming and photography devices such as smartphones, tablets, web cameras, GoPro camera and DSLR cameras. It includes two camera openings and an integrated tablet and secondary device stand. This allows the user to use multi-screen function when recording via screen mirroring or other applications. 

Additional features include a removable back panel to allow for easy filming and photographs on a model or customer and a removable, non reflective base. The top acts as a workstation tray to keep products and tools closeby when working. 

“Times have changed since the pandemic and everything is having to move online,” Katie comments. “Those that once taught face to face have had to move their teaching online but there is limited equipment to successfully offer this. 

“I developed KB Glow™ during the first lockdown where overnight, my nail education business had to move to work from home and transfer online.”

“The product started off as a cardboard box and a coat hanger and has been through several alterations, and we soon realised that this could offer a perfect solution to the nail industry and fellow crafters and hobbyists.”

The KB Glow™ offers two optional add-ons: extendable legs and filming guide markers to keep you in shot and your work equipment out of shot at all times. These come on a backing paper and are reusable and removable, allowing you to choose when and where you use them. These KB Glow™ filming guides are non-reflective and can be seen by the operator but not in the video.  

The station is easy to assemble and disassemble in minutes, is solvent resistant and made from recycled Greencast plastic.

The KB Glow™: Overhead Video & Photo Demo Station is available via