Celebrating International Women’s Day

By Kat Hill | 08 March 2019 | Events, Expert Advice, Feature, News

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March 8 marks International Women’s Day; a day to recognise and celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.

A day to set both personal and professional goals and look back at your achievement, what are you celebrating today?

In the spirit, we’ve rounded up a few inspirational quotes and some wise words from industry leaders to inspire…

“From time to time we’ll switch from being a shoulder to cry on to needing one. Supporting each other and building a community is so important, whether its within your salon, your town, your industry or beyond. There’s nothing more magical than harnessing the strength and advice from all the incredible women you know and passing it on to others in their time of need.” –  Tammy Koslowski, owner of award winning salon, NAF! Salon

Tammy with her team

“Women express ourselves through our nails, they are a statement of who we are.” –  Jan Arnold, CND™ co-founder and style director

“Charge your worth. Stop closing your clients’ wallets before they have had a chance to even open them. Stop apologising for the job you do. People come to you because you do this job – so charge them for it!” –  Samantha Sweet, of Sweet Squared

“INK was started by a nail technician for nail technicians. Nail techs work hard and we believe they should be the ones to profit at the end of a hard week, not the brand. They help create, advance and name our products. We listen to our techs and, through their feedback and ideas, we evolve.” –  Chrissy Scott, founder of INK London

“We’re privileged that we get to go to work and make people feel good. Colour is personal for women. You still need the salon for a manicure and pedicure service. That personal touch and personal connection can’t be found anywhere else and that’s what keeps the professional sector strong. It’s what keeps our research and development team striving to do better, and encourages me to create better and more on-trend colours. That’s why I’m still in this business 35 years later. I love this industry, it’s amazing.” –  Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, founder of OPI

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann

“Beautiful nails are a must to give women complete grace and charm. Your hands are an expression of who you are, therefore well-groomed nails give confidence and power. Every woman will find that the healthy, beautiful results are well worth the time spent on an effective nail-grooming regimen.” –  Jessica Vartoughian, founder of Jessica Cosmetics

“We love the idea of making dreams come true and using our own success to truly help others. Everyone deserves the chance to be given the opportunity change their lives, no matter who they are or where they are from.” –  Jason Smedley of Nail Harmony UK

“It’s vital to keep building on your training to ensure that your skills and Industry knowledge are up to date. The nail industry is fast moving and ever changing, so it is easy to become out of date, which in turn will not allow you to provide the best services to your clients.” –  Rachel Gribble, Salon System educator

“I think it’s amazing that the nail can come together to help with confidence, support encouragement and love. I have felt very honoured to be part of it and long may that continue.” –  Stephanie Staunton, celebrity manicurist, founder of Nailing Mental Health and winner of 2017’s The Shooting Star Award at Scratch Stars Awards

The Shooting Star Award – Stephanie Staunton for her Nailing Mental Health initiative