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Check out the wearable nail brush designed to prevent repetitive strain injury

By Lilly Delmage | 10 March 2022 | Brands, Feature, Movers & Shakers, News

La Brush Manicure Project

Natalie Havariyoun, a former NHS worker knowledgeable in repetitive strain injury in the hand, wrist and elbow, has put her expertise to practice by La Brush, a handy nail brush coined as ‘the only wearable brush in the world’.

Founded in 2021, Natalie’s company, Manicure Project, boasts two La Brush options; Original and Micro. La Brush is designed to be worn on the nail pro’s finger of choice ready for use when needed during the nail service. The light-weight tool can be rotated to an angle to suit the tech to help reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury.

Natalie hopes the product will help support nail professionals completing their treatments with ease, as well as preventing RSI and adding a touch of luxe to the experience for both clients and technicians.

She explains, “They may like to wear their brush one way for sweeping dust when using and e-file and another when using a hand file as the hand movements are very different for each.”

La Brush is made to measure; pros receive a complimentary Sizers Pack to their delivery address to determine finger size to support comfortability, precision, and control. Once the Manicure Project is informed of the size, the bespoke La Brush will be manufactured in the workshop in England and hand finished by the team.

So where did the idea stem from?

Having worked in obstetric medical imaging, Natalie felt it was time to put her job in the NHS to rest in 2021 after reflecting on the negative repercussions it was having to her own mental health.

“It was physically and emotionally impossible for me to give my patients what they deserved at potentially the best or, more importantly, the worst time of their lives and this had a significant impact on my mental health. I had no choice but to remove myself from an environment of ‘breaking bad news’,” she reveals.

Natalie had already completed a gel application diploma with distinction alongside her job, however the challenging demands of her career forced her nail venture to a halt. Since leaving her NHS role, she has reinvested her time into the nail industry, brushing up on her skills through online masterclasses and refresher courses. This sparked her thought process for the creation of La Brush.

“Many nail brushes feature a handle, meaning the manicurist needs to drop the tool they are working with to use it. This is disruptive. Many are also made up of a large brush head which means it does not provide any precision when removing cuticle particles from around the proximal fold or when removing nail dust from under the free edge.

“The way they are being used may contribute to RSI in the hand, wrist and elbow, or disrupt nail treatments. I was determined to design a brush that would meet every nail professional’s needs.”

Key features of La Brush:

  • Wearable; readily available without any disruption to the treatment
  • Light weight; a ‘barely there’ feel for ease of use
  • Curved; smooth perimeter for overall hand comfort
  • Rotatable; adjustable for each user, and each use, for RSI prevention
  • Effective; soft yet compact and dense bristles for gentle, effective sweeps each time
  • Versatile; used wet or dry for any type of manicure
  • Luxurious; chic and elegant suitable for the highest standard of luxury manicure
  • Eco-conscious; made to order to avoid waste, never mass produced

What’s more, Natalie is donating 10% of all Manicure Project profits to Antenatal Results & Choices charity.

Shop La Brush by Manicure Project here. Salon packages are available for larger orders.