CHINA GLAZE teams up with My Little Pony for nail colour collection

By Helena Biggs | 26 July 2017 | Launches, News

Rein in some magic – it’s time to invest in a rainbow of shades with the My Little Pony x China Glaze collection.

Featuring 12 new lacquer hues, the palette sees colours ranging from super-charged brights to pretty pastel crèmes and celestial, shimmering glitters. The shades are inspired by the ponies and their individual, fun personalities, and include on-trend holographic finishes.

Launched to commemorate the upcoming release of My Little Pony: The Movie, the line-up of lacquers features a dedication to each of the ponies in the ‘Mane Six’; Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie.

The film sees the introduction of Songbird Serenade, a popstar pony voiced by singing sensation, Sia.

To mark the new addition, the collection welcomes two extra special limited edition shades; a black shimmer named after the character and a soft gold chrome, Best Ponies Forever. The shades feature in a retail-ready kit, alongside collectable friendship rings.

What’s more, the collection will see the release of a range of exclusive designs created by top nail artists for the brand. Named the China Glaze Mane Six, the line-up sees Lexi Martone, Britney Tokyo and Hannah Lee of Hannahroxit create looks alongside Casey Herman, Naomi Yasuda and Sarah Waite of Chalk Board Nails.

My Little Pony x China Glaze is available in the UK via Bliss. Call the company on 0330 123 9468 to order.