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CND™ expands L&P portfolio with Perfect Color Powders & Odorless Sculpting Liquid

By Scratch Staff | 26 September 2023 | News, Products & Treatments

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Nail brand, CND™, has unveiled six Perfect Color Sculpting Powder shades, offering a more varied range of L&P colour blending options.

In addition, an Odorless Sculpting Liquid has been launched in three sizes, to minimise odours associated with traditional L&P acrylic services.

The Sculpting Powders can be mixed to create custom shades and offer easy workability with a high-shine finish, in modernised packaging.

“This is the first time in over 15 years that we’ve introduced new shades to this portfolio,” comments Jan Arnold, co-founder of CND™. “Our products have the same great formulas that nail professionals have come to expect from CND™, but with the new look and packaging, these powders will be easier to use and identify at the salon.”

CND™ Perfect Color Powder in Cool Mocha

The shades include:

  • Medium Brown
  • Cool Mocha
  • Soft Warm Beige
  • Light Peachy Pink
  • Medium Cool Pink
  • Natural Buff

CND™ Odorless Sculpting Liquid

Use with the CND™ Odorless Sculpting Liquid to sculpt flexible yet resilient nail enhancements.

Arnold continues: “CND™ Odorless Sculpting Liquid is an incredible formula for our nail professionals to build instant length and shape without the odour of traditional liquid & powder. Nail pros will love this product’s versatility as it can be used for a range of services.”

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