CND™ nails shine at Jeremy Scott show

By Kat Hill | 13 February 2017 | Celebrity, Events, News, Products & Treatments

Cnd For Jeremy Scott Fall/winter 2017 Backstage

CND™ teamed up with designer, Jeremy Scott, to create a striking look for his Fall/Winter runway at New York Fashion Week.

After nearly a decade-long hiatus, CND™ was reunited with Jeremy Scott. This season also marked the official kickoff of CND™ ’s partnership with new Creative Ambassador and long-time Jeremy Scott collaborator, Miss Pop. Miss Pop led the charge backstage alongside Jan Arnold, CND™ co-founder and style director.

“It was so great to join forces with Jeremy Scott again,” said Jan Arnold. “The classic red nail has just taken an unexpected turn. Soaked in the LA sun and worn on a medium length almond, we’re making it cool to wear red again… and of course, adding our own twist!”

Arnold and Miss Pop set out to create the perfect hue with three layers of VINYLUX™ Weekly Polish. The a base saw Banana Clips, followed by a layer of Electric Orange and topped with a layer of Wildfire. Some models’ nails were further embellished with hand-painted gold stars reminiscent of the world-renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“This look is all about playful showbiz glitz,” said Miss Pop. “Over a fiery red nail, I added graphic gold stars –rising up the nails, boldly standing front and centre, and co-starring in corners. It’s an element that takes that aspirational glamour of LA and makes it DIY.”

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