Conscious consumerism causes rise in demand for organic & natural beauty products

By Sophie Nutt | 14 March 2020 | Feature, Movers & Shakers, News, Sustainability & the environment

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The rise in ‘conscious consumerism’ is thought to have caused a rise in demand for sustainable and ethical products, including certified beauty and wellbeing.

The Soil Association Certification Organic Beauty & Wellbeing 2020 report reveals the market for certified organic and natural beauty products in the UK is now worth £106.4 million after a 23% growth in sales in 2019. This marks the ninth consecutive year of double-digit growth and third biggest percentage growth since 2010.

Citing consumer research conducted with over 500 people in December 2019, the certification body reveals that 79% of people are more likely to buy a beauty product if it says ‘organic’, while 92% of those surveyed would choose organic beauty as it would make them feel like they were making a positive choice. Similarly, 81% said that, by choosing organic, they were doing the right thing for the environment.

The market report also reveals:

  • 87% of brands customers feel passionately about supporting environmental initiatives.
  • 64% of consumers are now looking for products with recyclable packaging.
  • 56% of people said they looked for logos because it allowed them to support the causes they care about.

“With the climate crisis dominating the headlines and a desire across the board for more sustainable living, certified organic beauty and wellbeing products are more relevant than ever as a way of shoppers looking for simple choices to reduce their environmental impact,” says Clare McDermott, business development director at Soil Association Certification.

“2020 promises to be an exciting year of cutting through the noise, to drive real, heartfelt solutions to sustainability as more retailers stock certified organic and natural beauty brands in response to this demand with transparency being of the utmost importance to today’s citizen.”

To download the report and see the full findings of Soil Association Certification’s consumer research, visit