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Country club offers to fix broken nails caused by golfing at onsite beauty salon

By Emma Hobday | 13 August 2021 | Movers & Shakers, News

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A beauty salon is to be installed at the Calderfields Hotel Golf and Country Club in Walsall to fix broken nails that occur during a round of golf.

Bosses said they have received numerous requests from members for a beauty parlour and nail bar, as it is not uncommon for golfers to break and damage their nails when playing the sport, allowing for the nails to be repaired afterwards.

Hotel guests have also been asking for the facility, especially those that come to the club for weddings and other special events, as nails can sometimes require a repair before the event – not something guests would have time to go off-site into the town centre for.

Although golf is not a contact sport, nails and hands can suffer with exposure to harsh elements, pushing the tee peg into the ground and picking ball out of golf holes.

A round of golf and a nail salon in one? Sounds tee-rific to us.

Click here for the Calderfields Hotel Golf and Country Club website.